Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International visit Trinidad’s Chacachacare Island. – Pt 2

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On last week’s premiere of Syfy’s Ghost Hunters International, Trinidad historic Lopinot Plantation was featured the paranormal television show.

We witnessed what seemed like a soucouyant flying in the sky and “jumbies” playing with the foreigners! LOL


Trinidad has always been full of folklores and the GHI team decided to investigate some more by visiting the former leper colony on Chacachacare Island on this week’s show.

The island was abandoned in the 1980s when the nuns left their quarters (Nun Quarters) upon the death of the last leper on the island in 1984. The colony had been abandoned ever since.

Check out the videos. Do you believe that there are paranormal activities on the island?


Video #2:

Video #3:

#FUNFACT: In 1999, Donald Trump visited Chacachacare during the Miss Universe contest and thought of having a casino and hotel built on the island; however the idea has not been pursued.

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