Soca Superstar KMC states “Soca music is not going to reach nowhere!” Read more inside….

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Shout out to my homie, Aba Luke, on her story in the Trinidad Guardian, centered around T&T Soca star, Ken Marlon Charles aka KMC.

KMC has publicly stated that he will “no longer be a part of Carnival festivities after the 2011 season.” The superstar soca artiste has been in Europe for the past few months and has also signed a new management deal with 2101 Records—a subsidiary of the Universal Music label.

Fresh off of celebrating the success of his single, Everybody Jump which made it to number 13 on the UK Urban Club charts in early September, the artiste has now stated that his new found happiness and journey has been a bittersweet one.

KMC stated in the article that he has “suffered at the hands of radio stations” and  claimed they “played the music of one artiste more than any other.” This doesn’t sound untrue at all.

But it’s KMC’s honest rants that have the music industry buzzing.

“I not trying to big up Trinidad industry—they never supported me.”

Ken confided, “I am doing this for me, and my music. I ask God to take me out of that Carnival thing when I realize is so much ah fight down. I realize that Carnival thing is like a war zone, so I ask God for that and I give him all the glory cause I never expect anything like this to happen, and right now my business fix.“

So is KMC’s music and mentality just evolving on a global outlook or did he really give up on soca?

“I am not doing no soca. Most of the music is pop with a kind of electro sound. That’s the kind of music—and it is running the whole world.”

Let’s be honest here. Outside of Arrow, Rupee and Kevin Lyttle all of whom are Caribbean Soca artistes, KMC is really the first Trinidadian Soca artiste to have a major hit on the global landscape to date, with his “Soul On Fire” hit. His successful hit entered the Billboard Hot 100 singles charts at #84. Quite an accomplishment for a man that grew up in a small village in Rio Claro.

And even that hit was more of a contemporary groovy song with a distinct island feel and not the hard soca that seems so hard to market!

But is KMC wrong for his stance?

Kes the Band has been branding their island pop and have been getting very successful play and promotion off of it. So why the outcry against KMC? Why, because he is being honest? He is actually stating aloud what a lot of T&T artistes have been complaining about for years!

We have been hearing for years that local T&T DJs only play soca for a limited time throughout the year, and when they do, it’s play based on favoritism.

Charles declared in the interview, “Soca music is not going to reach nowhere, I sure ‘bout that now cause I around the world. What we doing is fooling ‘we self’—our vocabulary is too small. “We have no idea what we doing and we have no idea what the world wants.

The front man of the now defunct Red White and Black band also explained, “What happen with me is that I have been changing my music for so long that when I reach out in Europe I was fix.” Charles humbly added, “The song has already taken off—it has even been playing in Morocco.”

And for those who are quick to say that KMC is being ungrateful or bashing the industry or that the man doh know what he’s talking about, he tweeted this today:

KMC, I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Focus on you, your music and what you love doing! Lead by example….and trust meh….they will follow!

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    Agreed KMC damn right, and congrat’s the soca art form lock down by a few , and after them . is just Reggae and hip hop. that is why Jamaican will always do well WHY they support they own I don’t blame them,, Trindadians have to wake up we killing our own culture instead of taking it to another level. Good Luck KMC …..



    • Dj Black Ink

      Yo dawg your damn right in what you say and in what you did and are doing because my brother and I have been telling ppl for years your are the biggest most under rated Soca Star EVER!!!! Since Troy(Deceased), more ppl know him as the late Blazer Dan, was still giving his trouble back home here in Chrisse Terrace. Take are of yourself out there bro, Spiritually that is cause i know everywhere else your covered. Oh and by the way i just listened your song, Big up bro(tip my hat) ABIOLA PIERRE YOUR CAN LICK MY CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emmanuel

    Well KMC After they cheat you for the soca monarch when you sang Rag, Rag
    I Kind Of Lock Off The Whole Soca Thing.
    I was Asking God About about the whole soca scene.
    At Present I’m an aspiring Gospel DJ.
    Big Up Man And I Hope God Richly BLESS You Brethren.

  • kalifa

    The music industry in T&T is a fat joke. The music is seasonal and artists are limited in their songwriting (bottom, wining, flag, rag)….We look like dogs in heat. Most people prefer to spend their money buying pirate cd’s instead of supporting the artist. DJ’s insist on getting something extra in their pocket just to play your song. So why are people offended by what KMC said. Instead of being genuinely happy for KMC you people are calling him a sellout and saying that he should fail. You think Bajans say anything bad about Rihanna? She gets love no matter what. KMC should spit on the industry and walk away. Haters can continue to worship your precious Machel.

  • Amalie Ramtahal

    First things first…..Do not burn the bridges that you may cross because that might be the same bridge that you may have to re-cross. In saying that I am totally happy for any Trinidadian artist that “makes it” whether in TnT, America, or Europe. My issue is artist forgetting or bashing their roots or culture. I know of KMC as a Soca artist. Soca is what made/molded you.When you came out with “Bashment to Carnival”, I didn’t hear you talk about the industry not supporting you. That song was a great tune. At the end of the day, if you sing nonsense it will not play. I agree that some DJ’s only play certain artist, which is not fair to other artist, but to say that you weren’t supported is a blatant lie ! and for the record, it’s not only in TnT DJ’s do that. I wish you much success in everything that you do, but be mindful to what you are saying to the Trinidad & Tobago population.*Disclaimer* THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION*

  • Nesha Malchan

    Lets face it-The views shared by KMC on the soca industry will not be a supported one especially by those who love soca and revere Carnival, but honestly the man has a point. In understanding music genres out there (internationally), soca is fast paced with lyrical content that few can understand. Oftentimes, individuals attracted to the music likes just that-the music, the rhythm. So is it enough to get and keep this style of art form on the international Billboard charts-maybe not. In addition to all of this, there are numerous issues of ‘fightdown’ that contribute to the marginalization of most artistes attempting to ‘make it’ in the soca industry. I think KMC is entitled to his opinions as he has taken his fair share of beatings in the soca industry. He is moving on to what he considers more appropriate and suited to him especially financially, so POWER to you hun on your upcoming achievements!

  • MsBrooklynStar

    I can’t sing, tap dance, play a banjo or blow a flute, but I do and have ALWAYS enjoyed meh SOCA. That being said, it’s not an issue that he feels the way he does but one shouldn’t always be so quick to bite the hand that once fed you. To ‘diss’/ insult an entire genre and paint it with a broad brush of disgust does no good for anyone. I hope things work out with his current endeavors but the minute he has to put his tail between his legs and end up back in the Soca arena, he might find tings lil more rough than before.

  • JW

    I agree with KMC more power too you, but if you listen to the song that he is singing “Everybody Jump”, its the same jump, wave drink, and wine. dont $hit on soca and say you are done, its what made you who you are today!

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  • http://rabihah Abiola Pierre

    good riddance that K.M.C.leaving the soca music industry, most of his songs were nonsense anyways, and he gave us a bootleg soca song two to three years aback. as for KMC SAYING THAT SOCA MUSIC WOULD NOT REACH ANYWHERE, HE IS JUST SOUNDING LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED. doh go and spoil up pop and electro music now eh.

  • Dj Black Ink

    Yo dawg your damn right in what you say and in what you did and are doing because my brother and I have been telling ppl for years your are the biggest most under rated Soca Star EVER!!!! Since Troy(Deceased), more ppl know him as the late Blazer Dan, was still giving his trouble back home here in Chrisse Terrace. Take are of yourself out there bro, Spiritually that is cause i know everywhere else your covered. Oh and by the way i just listened your song, Big up bro(tip my hat) ABIOLA PIERRE YUH COULD LICK MY CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sugars

    i thank God that he answer your pray, bcaz i totally agree with you, we in trinidad dont promote our music. we help who we want to help, and kill who we want kill, and you my bro they have be killing you for years. but i must say sad to hear you leaving us, we need men like you to help our music and promote our young stars, who is facing the same thing. May God look after you and keep you in his care, remember WE COME HEAR TO LIVE.

  • Sheldon

    KMC was always one of my favorite artists but he also has to acknowledge his part in people not playing his music. Sometimes you get treated the way u treat people. I remember sending him a deposit to perform for our band for Miami Carnival in 2007 and he didn’t board the plane bc he claimed he “wasn’t sure he would get the rest of his money when he reached”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the artist supposed to show up and if he doesn’t get paid, not perform? You don’t just not board the plane. I never got an apology nor a refund of my hard earned money. The other thing is mr KMC has a reputation of being aggressive towards radio personnel. That being said, I agree with him that the Soca industry is very tainted. I however must state that with the likes of Machel, Kes and others, international success is very possibly a reality. I heard KMC’s pop release and it’s hot. I wish KMC all the best. He is a grown man and can do what he wants.

  • Sadye

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